Depending on body size and extension length you need an appropriate yumi.


  • Yon sun nobi - 四伸弓 (four sun extended yumi) ca. 233 cm, for people over 2m
  • Nisunnobi - 二伸弓 (two sun extended yumi) ca. 227 cm, for taller people
  • Nami - 並弓 (Normal Yumi) ca. 221 cm, for smaller people
  • Sansun tsumari - 三寸詰り (yumi shortened by three suns) ca. 212 cm
  • Hankyu (half bow) for children

Roku sun nobi (extended by six suns) and Hassun nobi (extended by eight suns) are also available in stores. They are not needed in our school. The yumi is stressed by pulling and needs this to make the arrow fly fast. If the yumi is too long, the arrow will not fly. Sensei therefore recommends to choose the yumi as short as possible (Nami or Nissunnobi).

The draw weight is given in kilograms. A beginner uses a yumi with 7 - 12 kg. More advanced yumis have a pull weight between 12 and 25 kg (sometimes more). When changing to a stronger yumi a two kilo step is useful. Too big steps are not advisable.