A Klassenyumi is sold by Shibata Kanjuro XXI for about 600 €. A personal yumi costs about 1100 €, but can cost up to several thousand euros. The materials used are decisive: the quality and age of the bamboo (e.g. Susutake - 煤竹> bamboo from an old house; Monchiku - 紋竹- bamboo drawn by bacteria; irotake 色竹>dark coloured bamboo) and the wood, the glue, as well as the finish. An Urushiyumi - 漆弓 - Lackyumi is connected with so much work which is reflected in the price.

Fiberglass, carbon and bamboo/synthetic fiber laminated bows are also available. These, however, lack the specific characteristics of a yumi. Which yumi you buy is ultimately a personal decision.

The following 3 points should be considered:

  • Size: Nami-sun or Ni-sun-nobi (very rare: san-sun-tsumari or yon-sun-nobi)
  • Tensile weight
  • Design (materials: bamboo, wood); glue (synthetic or natural > nibe)

The following equipment is mainly for the eye:

  • Windings made of rattan (there are only a few traditional types)
  • Paintwork

You can find the address for the Sensei under:

"Dojo Contacts" > Shibata Kanjuro XXI, Sensei Kyoto, Japan