In 1871 the Shibata Kanjuro XVIII. appointed the official bow maker of Tenno, the Emperor of Japan. He was responsible for the production of the 350 bows (each with 24 arrows), which were used during the accession ceremony of the first two Japanese emperors of the 20th century. Even more significant for the workshop is the construction of the 59 Azusa-Yumi (梓 弓), which must be made every twenty years for the Shinto Shrine in Ise. Records in the Ise shrine prove that these arches have been built by the Shibata family for more than 200 years. Otherwise, the 18th Kanjuro after the political upheaval in Japan had no easy time as the samurai key was dissolved.

In 1883, the Shibata family founded their own dojo - the Taiyusha Dojo - in Kyoto and remained family-owned until 1991. Then the renovation-needy Dojo Kyoto Joshi Dai University was given.