These are often used targets:

distance: 28 m
Target Ø: 36 cm


Kasumi mato (Fog target)

2 arrows with feathers

upstairs: Haya (1st arrow)
downstairs: Otoya (2nd arrow)



Hoshi mato (Star disc)


Ogi no mato (serrated washer)

The nature of this goal goes back to a famous incident from the Heike wars against the Genji. In the Battle of Dan-no-ura, the Minamoto defeated the Taira family once and for all, thus winning the Gempei War. The starting point for this decisive battle was that the Taira had retreated to the sea with their fleet, while the Minamoto family, led by General Yoshitsune Minamoto, was on shore. It is reported that in this battle near Yashima, a small boat broke away from the crowd of wartime junks, and in front of its mast a lady-in-waiting had hung up her fan. Minamoto Yoshitsune now ordered one of his samurai to shoot down the fan. The only 17-year-old samurai Naso no Yoichi swung onto his steed, rode into the sea and fired at the target, which moved in the wind and was attached to the swaying mast. His art was so great, however, that the fan hit exactly in the pivot point of the individual struts, so that the fan not only detached itself from its attachment but also broke into its components. A tremendous cheering accompanied this master shot on the part of the Minamoto. Although this shot did not - as the legend tells us - decide the battle, its psychological effect should not have been underestimated in a time that gave a lot on signs of luck.   

Kinmato (gold target Ø 8cm)
Ginmato (silver target Ø 8cm)