also "YUGAMAE" - 弓 構 え - Position the Yumi

Torikake - 取 懸 け (Tendon Grip): Guide the right hand to the tsuru with the little finger and ring finger tightly curved into the palm of the hand and guide the thumb of the kake - か け (glove) over the tsuru until it clicks into place. The tip of the thumb presses into the throat of the first joint of the middle finger. The index finger rests on the top of the middle finger. Lightly tilt the kake hand in your direction. The arms are spread in a round shape, as if they were enclosing the trunk of a big tree. The head slowly turns to the target, so that the face comes into profile. Next, the arms swing about 45 degrees towards the target, always maintaining the shape of the tree hug, which now becomes oval. The grip of the left hand is loose so that the yumi can easily rotate in it while the arms pivot to the target. With this twist, the thumb and forefinger of the left hand are positioned under the ya. The Ya is now free on the left thumb and is pressed only by the index finger of the right hand against the Yumi.


Original: German
Translation: Google