also "YUDAOSHI" - 弓 倒 し lowering the Yumi to the hip

First, turn your head slowly forward. At the same time, guide the Yumi and the right hand back to the hips in an arcuate motion. Close your legs, first left, then right leg. In between, keep the distance from the size of a fist.

Get the Ya back in an appropriate way

Make a quarter turn to the left to the Makiwara - 巻 藁 (straw bundle). Go to the Makiwara by holding the Yumi upright after the first step. Turn right again by a quarter circle so that you have the ya in front of your face. Lift the Yumi against the Makiwara until the Yumihand is next to the sticking Ya. Press the Yumihand against the Makiwara and draw the Ya from the Makiwara with the Kakehand. "Heal" the "wound" in Makiwara with the index finger of the Kakehand. Turn 90 ° to the right again and hold the Yumi and the Ya perpendicular to the chest. With the first step you lower the Yumi and the Ya back to the hip and go back to the shooting position


Turn 90 ° to the left
Turn 90 ° to the right

Turn 180 °


Original: German
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