We live in a world and society so full of greed and self - assertiveness that one would have to retire to the loneliness of some monastery or mountain in order to have any chance of clearing one 's mind, one' s self of all passions and others To release attachments. But what I feel clearly: When archery, I will pay attention to myself, I get to know myself new. I see how deep my self is entangled in all sorts of things. If I span the bow and aim for the goal, I see myself. Today, the boundaries between archery as a sport and archery "as a way" in Japan are flowing. I do not think that's bad. I only find it bad if someone is proud that he is doing well or better than others. It is a pity if archery is used to build a small checkered ego. I think that shooting - whether as a sport or a path - should be fun. If something gives pleasure, you like to do it yourself and on and on. And if you continue archery with fun for a long time, then maybe there is a chance to learn something, to understand it. "