The manufacture the kake




In the Chikurin ha the 3-finger Kake (Mitsugake) is in use. In addition, 4 and 5 finger kakes are also used. Depending on the school, the cake is designed differently. The most important feature is the tendon pit. In the Chikurin ha, a tendon pit perpendicular to the thumb is used.
Heki glove with clear position of the thumb between the fingers in multiple view.


Put on the cake:
The cake is dressed sitting down whenever possible. To protect the inside of the cake, the shitagake (inner glove) is put on first. Put the kakehimo (band) around your neck so that it does not fall to the ground. The fingers and thumbs should not be touched on the outside so that they do not get greasy.




How the kake is tied:

For mourning occasions the kake is tied at the bottom of the wrist in the same way



For the cake to work properly, giriko (powder made from tree resin > like rosin) is applied to the middle finger. This resin ensures the correct adhesion of the thumb to the middle finger.






During practice, the feathers of the ya may scratch the skin of the yunde (bow hand). To prevent this, a protective glove can be put on, which mainly protects the thumb. Oshitegake only for the thumb:

simple design

Oshitegake for the whole left hand


Protective glove for the Sashi-ya, a long range and multi-shot competition (Sanjusangendo)