Shibata Kanjuro XX Sendai, calligraphy "Kin kei chu"

Many years ago various Kyudo masters agreed on these three basic principles of Kyudo. The Japanese characters (Kanji) symbolize amazing qualities.



Equilibrium, Balance

In Kyudo an outer and inner balance develops. An upright stand and physical and mental expansion in all directions should be in balance.

Kei   Lightness

The sign contains a vehicle on the left. In battle a vehicle had to be easy to move. Kyudo should be practiced in the same way: Not brute force but light bow tension, allowing for inner centering. This is what is to be aimed at.

Chu Mindfulness This symbol symbolises the pouring of liquid into a bowl. When the bowl is full, only one drop is needed to make the bowl overflow. In the same way, the arrow should release. For this purpose, while practicing, the attention should be in every action - not looking back - not looking ahead, but in the now.